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WE-167NSHD Neck and shoulder soothing heating pad

  • 4D DWF technology
  • Specially crafted for the neck and shoulder area, providing a warm embrace to alleviate stiffness and tension
  • The weighted edge enhances the product's weight and molds it to various body contours
  • Perfect for neck, shoulder, and upper back
  • Size approx. 47 x 63 cm
  • Pad with cosy and nap fleece; collar with braid fleece
  • The upper dark gray collar area can be folded
  • Patchwork of cosy, nap, and braid fleece
  • 90 minutes auto switch-off
  • Machine washable at 30°C



  • 4D DWF4D DWF
  • Size : 47 x 63 cmSize : 47 x 63 cm
  • 4 temperature settings4 temperature settings
  • 90 min. timer auto switch-off90 min. timer auto switch-off
  • APS - Active Protection SystemAPS - Active Protection System
  • Turbo heatingTurbo heating
  • Detachable controllerDetachable controller
  • Machine washable at 30°CMachine washable at 30°C
  • Power watts : 100WPower watts : 100W

Closely wraps around your shoulder

4D DWF is for more comfort, warmth, and breathability

The heating pad's shape imitates a comforting embrace while delivering warmth to your body

Conforms to your neck contours

Ensure the 4D DWF openings are facing your body for added warmth

Multilayer fabric and 3-D tailoring bring about a delightful sense of comfort

An exceptional display of sewing technique

Observing and feeling the pad intrinsically relaxes both body and mind

Breathable and visually appealing