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Electric Blanket

Only with warmth and happiness, can love flow and flourish. Every product at Wellcare was manufactured with our utmost love and care. Even for what looks like the simplest circular hole on the blanket, it took over 250 processes to complete its journey from design to assembly including quality assurance and inspection.

The application of BBC Design in all Wellcare electric blankets is the temperature setting of continuous use. BBC Design follows human's core body temperature at nights and takes advantage of the product's hundreds of 4D DWF circular holes to create breathability and warm current effects to help people fall asleep easier. Not only the blanket's temperature fluctuation design is able to provide the most adequate warmth and reduce stuffiness during sleep, but also it creates a great sleep experience in the best bed climate.

Life is about making choices. Choosing to slow down after being fast paced is to create a balance in your life. Creating a comfortable and warm sanctuary for your body and mind is essential to your health. With sufficient rest and rejuvenation, it brings you content and satisfaction naturally.


2-in-1 Electric Blanket

The innovative 2-in-1 electric blanket can keep you warm as an overblanket or a throw blanket when you take a nap on the couch or an underblanket to sleep with at night.

Within the multi-layered design brings you the best of 4D DWF Technology, nature, breathability, and warmth. When the side of 4D DWF holes is placed against the body, warm flows wrap around the body as natural as breathing air. It brings you the intrinsic joy which cannot be described until you personally experience it.

This product has multiple layers of selected fabrics joined by a unique welding technique that distributes heat evenly. Its large size of 140 x 200cm creates a weighted effect that fits body contours closely, preventing heat loss while moving.

This compact throw blanket measures 130 x 160cm and is perfect for taking a break, read a book, nap, or have some me time. One side of this blanket is with patchwork design, a traditional technique which takes time to sew together different pieces of fabric, turns this blanekt to a creative pattern and design. Each block of the patterns is carefully measured and cut to be pieced together for a harmonic geometric graphic. A beautiful combination of patchwork and bliss.

When you lay down in your living room or bedroom, the Wellcare 2-in-1 electric blanket brings peace to your living room or bedroom with its soft colors, fine materials, and expert craftsmanship. It delivers warmth in every stitch, relieving stress and calming your mind.

WE-167OBHD 130 x 160cm WE-167OBHD 140 x 200cm

Electric Underblanket

Wellcare underblankets may relieve the stuffiness people usually experience and reduce the rate of people kicking off blankets while sleeping. And it comes in various colors and meticulously selected materials for you to choose to create the optimal bed climate.

With an exclusive design, the heating wires are carefully embedded inside the blanket. Consumers will only experience the softness to touch and the comfort to use without being aware of the actual heating device. Double-folded edges with a set amount of stiches for every inch, it completely encloses strands of warmth within the underblankets while also being aesthetically pleasing.


WE-167UBAHD Cosy Fleece 90 x 200cm WE-167UBHD Cosy Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBHD Baby Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBHD Comfort Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBHD Eco Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBAHD Cosy Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBAHD Baby Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBAHD Eco Fleece 80 x 150cm WE-167UBTHD Cosy Fleece 140 x 150cm WE-167UBTHD Eco Fleece 140 x 150cm WE-167UBATHD Cosy Fleece 160 x 150cm WE-167UBATHD Eco Fleece 160 x 150cm