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Mobile Heating Product

Unbounded warmth is the origin of true-happiness energy.

No matter if you are at home or outdoors; alone or with friends, you can always enjoy and be surrounded by dynamic warmth with Wellcare’s mobile heating series.

The specially-designed heating module is used in all of Wellcare’s mobile heating products. It is comprised of different layers of fabrics to retain maximum amount of heat, reach higher temperatures and distribute heat evenly and steadily. Moreover, this heating module is equipped with 4D DWF innovation. The uniquely designed circular holes provide 360 degree air circulation, have excellent breathability, and distribute heat evenly.

The durable high energy-efficient battery can be used for up to 5 hours at the highest temperature setting to provide the warm flow which brings the most energy and comfort. A wonderful combination of mobility and innovation allows people to bring their own dynamic warmth wherever they go.