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What is 4D DWF - Dynamic Warmth Flow?

Our physical living environment consists of three dimensions, width, length, and depth; hence, the term "3D". As Wellcare introduces to you a new innovation - 4D DWF Dynamic Warmth Flow, the "temperature" brought to you by dynamic flow of warmth is defined as the fourth dimension. The idea of 4D DWF is inspired by Wellcare's vision,"Creating unbounded true-happiness energy by offering comfort and warmth" and it is utilized in all Wellcare’s products,classic flexible heating as well as the mobile heating series.

Warmth flows
as natural as breathing
4D DWF Dynamic Warmth Flow mimics our breathing system to create full-body heat circulation. While inhaling slowly and holding the breath, feeling the air filling your lungs and belly naturally and rejuvenating every cell in the body; then, with exhaling slowly, each breath is like to experience an invigorating energy boost.
Uniquely designed holes
to provide 360 degree
warmth circulation
Wellcare recognizes the importance of air flow and employs concepts for heat to disperse evenly, thoroughly, and quickly by 4D DWF circular holes. The heat is generated from the heating element, it builds up and gathers around several hundred uniquely designed circular holes. Then, a gentle heat current flows through the holes bi-directionally and distributes the heat to every corner of the product to deliver warmth to your body surroundingly. With these uniquely designed holes, it is easy to create an exclusive bed climate for yourself.
Exquisite design
provides unseen comfort
With different densities and sizes, 4D space provide satisfactory warmth to your head, body, and feet.
Meticulously selected materials
By utilizing different fabric textures and thicknesses, the 4D DWF Technology provides unparalleled comfort, aesthetics, and sensory experiences.
When 4D DWF technology
meets the beauty of patchwork
Experience the perfect blend of classic and contemporary with this collection of "memory," "breath," "warmth and wonder" for a calming and unparalleled relaxation experience.
Comfort comes from
our attention to details
Different sizes of evenly-distributed 4D DWF circular holes on one side and the soft and fluffy baby fleece on the other form the perfect combination for providing wonderful warm currents and breathability.
Warmth flows
in all directions
Achieving in stitching several pieces of fabric together, 4D DWF circular holes are extended and distributed in the foot warmer to provide dynamic warmth in all direction to wrap around your entire feet including toes, soles, and insteps.
More warmth by greater
heat distributing area
With the matrix welding design, every four 4D DWF circular holes where the heat circulates in between becomes an independent 4D space. Every independent 4D space links together so that warmth can be retained more, circulated better and distributed to a greater area.
Strands of warmth to
surround your body
Unlike ordinary flexible heating products, Wellcare’s heating series can transmit heat by utilizing uninterrupted dynamic warmth flow circulation.
Better breathability,
more comfort
4D DWF Dynamic Warmth Flow provides excellent breathability which is 50% better than ordinary flexible heating in the market.