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Feel Nature's care

Many people feel at home or have a sense of belonging when stepping into nature. Nature's magic power is embracing everyone as part of nature.

Every raindrop, bubbling brooks, creaking tree branches, singing birds, humming insects, the mysterious forests, sea waves striking the shores, underwater world, sunrise and sunset, all the wonders of nature are nurturing us and taking care of everyone as the invisible air which surrounds us all the time.

Feel and respond
to nature
Now, take a deep and slow breath; listen and follow the rhythm of each breath in and out. Only you can feel this energy circulating in your body. You will feel safe, peaceful, and warm as if you are sleeping in your mother's arms and your breaths synchronizing with her heartbeat.
Nature Bathing
Enjoy the ultimate relaxation and a sense of well-being while bathing in nature. Slow down your breaths and steps, close your eyes, and be sensual. Your breath intertwines with nature in rhythmic harmony; every fiber of your being is relaxed
Let nature guide you
to find your inner-self
Nature embraces everything of you. You cherish nature more when you know who you are at the core and learn to love yourself. Once those long-forgotten memories are retrieved, you will feel like this is where you belong.
Bring nature with you
to extend the pleasant experience
Nature heals, and the heartwarming and content feeling will always be in your heart. Bringing nature back to your home can extend the pleasant experience and the positive impact that nature has on you.  When you respond to nature, continue to explore, and allow yourself to be healed by nature, there will be unbounded happiness energy.
Nature sounds
for a healthier lifestyle
Wellcare Naturcare Sound Relaxation mimics 7 natural sounds - heartbeat, sea waves, brook, birdsong, woods, white noise, and rain. A mother's heartbeat is linked to everyone's initial memory; it comforts and calms an unstable mind.
Nature is the reflection
of our inner self
Appreciate nature, and enjoy a sense of joy and fulfillment.
Naturcare Sound Relaxation
is your best companion
Wellcare's Naturcare Sound Relaxation is terrific for stress relief, meditation, ignoring annoying noises, a restful night’s sleep, and a healthy lifestyle. Immerse yourself in a natural-sound environment when working or alone in your bedroom. It promotes self-healing, better sleep quality, and well-being
Thank you!
We want to express our appreciation to all scientists, participants, and their families in the project "Hyperacusis in Children: Edinburgh experiences" scientific research.