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Home, like an album, is a place for memories safekeeping

Every home corner is filled with memories and our love enriches our memories. Home is always your safe haven, shelter and the energy source from dawn to dusk whether you’re alone or with the family. Fill your home with warmth and love for your loved ones; turn your home into a safekeep of precious memories. Let love and be loved become an eternal cycle which intertwines with Dynamic Warmth Flow and create unbounded true-happiness energy.

What you need for your
bed climate is more than
just a warm temperature
There are many factors that can impact one’s sleeping quality. One thing is certain, if we can create a comfortable and suitable environment, in other words, a comfortable bed climate, then, it is more likely for us to fall asleep easier and enjoy a better sleep quality. In order to create your own optimal bed climate, Wellcare utilizes the most recent innovation - 4D DWF Dynamic Warmth Flow, in manufacturing the electric underblankets. With this series of products, you will be getting a restful sleep in no time.
For sleep -
size for one
Single-size electric underblanket to provide exlclusive warmth just for you
For sleep -
size for two
The double-sized electric underblanket comes with 2 controllers which allow you and your loved ones to control the temperature you desire individually.
More warmth,
better health!
There is an old saying, the soles of our feet are like our second heart. Our feet reflect our entire body’s health condition. When our feet are warm, the warmth circulates through our entire bodies and keep us warm. It provides the best solution for people whose feet are usually cold and help them to have a better sleep.
Always make time
for self-care
Having sufficient rest to feel refreshed and be reenergized contributes to a healthy body which is the basis of a happy family.
Awaken your senses,
and you'll discover
joy in every corner
This cosy 2-in-1 electric blanket with a patchwork design is perfect for unwinding. A mix of neutral colors of light and dark grey creates a sense of stability, calming your mood, and is also aesthetically pleasing. The soothing warmth and lightweight texture will help you relax quickly, while the neutral colors create a calming atmosphere.
Patchwork brings together
the different pieces
of beauty in life
Expertly measured and cut fabrics create a cozy patchwork pattern for a harmonic geometric graphic with mixed textures of fabrics. It is perfect for warmth and comfort at home, so enjoy the moment while you can.
Warm feet lead to
a healthy body
When your feet are warm, the warmth circulates your entire body to make your body warm that you can make your every stride with pleasure and confidence.
Sensational -
Warmth flow of love
lingers just for you
All revolutionary creation comes from a simple belief, care around you. Based on your needs, the large size heating pad product provides maximum coverage and the standard one provides an exclusive snugness. It can be used not only on your lower back, but lower abdomen and other parts where the warmth is needed.
For rejuvenation -
hugs are more than
any words
There is no place like home. Home is the shelter, the energy source, and the most important place in the world. After a long day working, lay gently on the heating cushion or cuddle it in your arms on the sofa, with hundreds of flows of warmth could bring you comforts beyond words can describe.


A variety of fabrics for everyone to choose according to their preference.

Braid Fleece

Soft, delicate, and resistant to pilling

Belonging to the fleece category, braided fleece is versatile in style, delicate, soft, and colorfast, and it does not produce fuzz balls. With its skin-friendly, warm, and pleasant touch, crafting it into a three-dimensional braided flower pattern enhances the tactile layers and visual aesthetics.

Peach Fleece

Delicate, elegant, gentle

Similar to a peach's gentle and short fuzz, it might seem subtle, yet your skin can feel its presence. It's natural, soft to touch, and resistant to creasing. We've chosen it as the cover for the inner pillow of the cozy heating cushion. The delicate texture will soothe your mind when the outer pillow cover is removed.

Nap Fleece

Soft, delicate, and with a sense of weight

The short fur does not shed easily. The warmth will instantly satisfy you once being wrapped in it.

Diamond Fleece

Soft, lightweight, and rapid heat transportation

It has a natural feel to it without shedding easily. The texture is light and soft, and almost wrinkle-free. Holes in each rhomboid matrix help to transport heat rapidly.

Cosy Fleece

Natural glow, soft, and gentle

With top-side of the blanket being cosy fleece, the underblanket is light, comfortable, and exquisite. Having the textile fiber with the specifically-chosen height, it provides more comfort in general. Since it is pre-washed, it reduces shedding significantly. Not only it is soft to touch and gentle to cuddle, it also emits a subtle and natural glow which satisfies people visually.

Comfort Fleece

Light weight, stain resistant and indulgent

The comfort fleece fabric is lightweight and fluffy. With coral fibers being smooth to touch in every direction, it give you the snuggest comfort while providing durability and stain resistance.

Baby Fleece

Fluffy, warm and delicate

Softer and provides even more comfort than comfort fleece, the fluffy and velvety texture of the baby fleece feels like baby’s smooth skin. It truly provides the warmth and the delicate comfort you desire.

Eco Fleece

Wrinkle resistant, natural, environmentally friendly

Made with recycled material, eco fleece does not crease easily. Without artificial dyeing, it presents itself with its true original color, touch, and feel. While providing you warmth, it is also an effort to contribute back to Earth.

Technologies & Benefits

Care for every detail, create unique value-added features

APS (Active Protection System) – Technology for Safety

Modeling after the traffic light system, the 3-color LED on the controller for 3 safety stage indicators which can also be seen from both sides of controller:
Green light – Reaching the desired temperature level
Orange light – Heating up
Red light –Possible malfunction or overheating, stop immediately

Welding Technique

Each unique 4D DWF air circulation hole is created by using a special welding technique. This design forms independent circles to consistently distribute heat to every corner of the blanket after the heat is produced from the heat generating element. Also, when the product is no longer usable, it can easily be disassembled for recycling.

Detachable Connection Box

The connection box used in all Wellcare’s flexible heating products is paired with a specific plug to prevent misuse, danger, and loose fitting. The detachable connection box also allows each flexible heating part to be machine washable.

Low Electromagnetic Field

The electromagnetic field of common flexible heating products reaches 30-80MG whereas Wellcare underblanket is less than 5MG and the heating pad is less than 0.5MG.

Energy Saving

It saves more energy to use a 4D DWF heating blanket for 2 hours than boiling water in a 1.2L kettle or using a hair dryer for 3 minutes.

Safety Guaranty

To ensure all Wellcare products meet the strictest safety regulation, all products are accredited by world’s renowned laboratories such as TÜV SÜD and certified by CE and GS.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile products from all stages of production up and down the textile supply chain. The textiles used in Wellcare’s flexible heating products have been tested for harmful substances and to be certified as environmentally friendly.


Combining the traditional fine workmanship with modern mechanical and electrical technology, every stich expresses true care and beauty.