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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our products, please take a look at these FAQs.

4D DWF technology
What is 4D DWF technology ?
4D DWF Dynamic Warmth Flow is an innovative technology owned by Wellcare.

Our physical living environment consists of three dimensions, width, height, and depth; hence, the term “3D”. Wellcare introduces to you the 4D DWF technology, the “temperature” brought to you by dynamic flow of warmth is defined as the fourth dimension.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
There are so many holes on the blanket, will I feel bumpy or uncomfortable?
With an exclusive design, paying attention to the craftsmanship and meticulously selected fabrics, you will only experience the softness and comfort.

wellcare's underblanket is made with craftsmanship and meticulously selected fabrics
Will my Wellcare blanket be less durable due to those circular holes?
Every Wellcare's flexible heating product has been tested with the most strenuous mechanical strength test and washing test to ensure its durability.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Why can't I feel the dynamic warmth flow?
As invisible as air, the 4D DWF's dynamic warmth flow indeed surrounds our bodies.

Depending on the environment, everyone's awareness of the warmth flow may differ.  According to the test results, products equipped with 4D DWF outperform other similar products on the market in terms of breathability, heat transmission area, the speed to reach a certain temperature, and the ability to maintain desired temperature.

One of Wellcare's product development principles is "attention to every detail."  The innovative 4D DWF technology solves the issue of stuffiness when an electric underblanket is used.  Even though it is invisible, rest assured that its warmth flows wraps around you as natural as air.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Is my 4D DWF underblanket machine washable? Is there any special requirement for washing?
The whole series of 4D DWF heating peoducts is machine washable.  However, please note that excessive washing will wear out the electric underblanket. For this reason, we highly suggest to wash the 4D DWF electric underblanket for maximum of 5 times throughout its service life, which is the same as regular underblankets.  In order to protect these uniquely designed circular holes, please always use the laundry bag to avoid buttons, zippers or any objects from damaging the holes.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
A 4D DWF circular hole on my underblanket is damaged and I can see the heating element, what should I do?
Please stop using the electric underblanket immediately when there's any visible damage.  Kindly refer to the service instruction which is included in the original package and contact your local distributor for further assistances.

You can also send us some information by filling the form in "Contact Us" or send us an email to:  We will get back to you as soon as possible

how to protect 4D DWF circular hole
The fabrics used in Wellcare's 2-in-1 electric blanket is softer; if I want to use it as an underblanket, is there anything I should pay attention to?
Regardless the softness of the blanket fabric, all electric underblankets should be placed flat on the mattress without any folds to prevent the heating element being damaged, overlapped, and running the risk of overheating in the folded area.

BBC Design
BBC Design follows human's core body temperature fluctuation at night, can I adjust the blanket's temperature?
The application of BBC Design in all Wellcare electric blankets is the temperature setting for continuous use. This is the default temperature setting referencing to human's core body temperature fluctuation at night and cannot be adjusted by users.

You can choose your preferred temperature by sliding the switch on the controller but please adjust it to setting 1 or the sleep sense mode for continuous use while sleeping. To learn more about the temperature setting, please refer to the instruction manual.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Can BBC Design electric blanket cure my insomnia?
There are various potential insomnia causes, and in many cases, multiple factors can be involved.  Therefore, BBC Design electric blanket may not cure everyone's insomnia nor replace a doctor's advice.

Wellcare hopes that everyone would take care of themselves by having a good night's sleep; we devote ourselves to provide natural methods to help people be healthy.  Please visit our lifestyle guide for more useful information.

best bed climate design for better sleep quality
What products are equipped with BBC Design?
BBC Design is applied to all Wellcare's electric blanket series, electric heating cushion, and the foot warmer.  Since a good night sleep starts from certain bedtime rituals, using a foot warmer before going to bed can help you to soothe your tired and sore feet, relax the muscle, make you feel warmer, and help you fall asleep easier.  Otherwise, cold feet may be one of the reasons why people toss and turn at night. Therefore, the foot warmer is also an application of BBC Design.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF



Whose core body temperature fluctuations does BBC Design reference to?
Everyone's core body temperature is slightly different, BBC Design is based on the average human's core body temperature fluctuation at night.

best bed climate design for better sleep quality
Why can the BBC Design electric blanket reduce the feeling of stuffiness at night?
Not only the blanket's temperature fluctuation design is able to provide the most adequate warmth, but also hundreds of 4D DWF circular holes on the blanket work like regulating valves for cold and warm air and body moisture to interact in and out of the holes.  It creates a breathable, comfortable and non-stuffy sleep environment.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
The shape of one of the soothing heating pads is unique as it looks like a cell. What's the concept of this cell-shaped design?
A cell is the basic functional building block for every living creature. Wellcare's WE-167CPHD cell-shaped heating pad mimics the shape of a cell as a reminder for everyone to slow down and take a deep breath in the hustle and bustle of modern life to relax and be calm.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
What is the biggest advantage of BBC Design Electric Blanket?
BBC Design is the natural method for people who are always with tense body, or those with cold hands or feet that they always have a hard time to fall asleep at night.  

By using a BBC Design blanket to warm up the bed with soft-to-touch fabric, it provides adequate warmth for the distal skin temperature to raise quicker and reduces the difference between the core body and distal skin temperatures.  Products with BBC design may induce drowsiness and the soft-to-touch fabric brings you comfort and joy.  People can take better care of themselves and enjoy pleasant sleep every night!

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
2-in-1 Electric Blanket
There are 2 different fabrics used for this blanket, which side should I face towards my body?
This blanket has nap fleece on one side which provides the best heat radiation and baby fleece on the other for better heat accumulation. In order to enjoy the comfortable warmth flow, we highly suggest to place the side with 4D DWF holes (nap fleece) facing towards your body when the blanket is used as an overblanket or an underblanket.

What are the advantages of a larger size blanket?
Some people may feel uncomfortable due to the size gap between the blanket and the bed with a smaller size blanket such as 70 x 130 cm or 80 x 150 cm. It is suggested to use the larger blanket and it also prevents sliding or shifting while you sleep.

Why is there no additional heating area in the larger-size blanket?
Due to safety concerns and the duration of the product life consideration, the heating element inside the blanket should not be folded or exposed. Such element may malfunction or overheat to stop generating warmth. Thus, it is designed that the heating element stays the same size with heating up the same size area without risking being damaged.

Why does the temperature of the blanket in the sleep sense mode (temperature setting 1) decrease slightly after a period of time?
Generally, our core body temperature fluctuates throughout the day.  As it is the highest in the afternoon, and decreases at night to prepare our body for sleep. After we fall asleep, only a minimum level of heat is needed.  

Wellcare's 2-in-1 BBC Design blankets allow the blanket temperature to adjust accordingly to our core body temperature fluctuation at night and are designed to provide sufficient temperature because any unnecessary heat may lead to stuffiness, perspiration, or dry mouth to interrupt sleep and cause poor sleep quality.  Although the blanket's temperature decreases a little in setting 1 (sleep sense mode), it still provides adequate warmth for you to stay warm.

This blanket seems thicker and heavier than the ordinary ones, are there any additional benefits?
With the meticulous selection of multiple layers of fabrics, when the product is used as an overblanket, it produces a weighted effect to fit to body contours closely and offers better coverage so you wouldn't lose too much heat when you toss and turn at night.

2-in-1 electric blanket works as overblanket and underblanket
Why can Wellcare's 2-in-1 electric blanket be used as an underblanket and an overblanket?
Wellcare's 2-in-1 electric blanket is safe and versatile that it  meets the safety regulation of the electric overblanket and the electric underblanket.

Electric underblankets
Why should I use an electric underblanket?
There are many good reasons to use an electric underblanket such as :

1. To warm up the bed before you go to sleep
2. To keep your feet warm to promote healthy blood circulation for a restful sleep
3. Keeping your bed at a constant temperature to prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night due to 
    being too hot or cold
4. To be energy efficient and environmentally friendly
5. To help to create a comfortable bed climate for us to fall asleep easier

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Why is my underblanket not warm enough?
Depending on the surrounding conditions (room temperature, mattress, sheet fabric or thickness), sometimes it may take up to 15 minutes for the underblanket to get warm after it has been switched on.  You can set the temperature at the highest level in the begining and adjust the temperature when the underblanket is warm.

Also, in order to prevent heat loss, the electric underblanket should be covered by a duvet, otherwse the blanket may not be warmed up properly.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Can I use the underblanket to keep my cat warm?
No, all current Wellcare's heating products cannot be used on animals or pets.

can i use the electric heating pad for my pet
I notice that it is mentioned in several areas of the manual and the safety reminder reminding me not to fold the blanket. What is the best way to store my underblanket when it is not used for a period of time?
When an underblanket is folded improperly, the heating elements embedded inside may be deformed or damaged. It may be dangerous to use the blanket and may shorten the product's service life.

When the blanket is not used, we suggest :
  • Keep it flat or roll it up, store in a dry and cool place without placing any thing on it;
  • Fold it properly and put it in the original packaging box. Store it in a dry and cool place without placing any thing on it

Wellcare uses better and thicker fabrics to serve as a buffer space so heating wires are not sharply bended when the blanket is folded.

store my electric underblanket properly and extend its lifespan  store my electric underblanket properly to extend its lifespan 
Can children operate the underblanket?
Children may operate the underblanket with adult supervision due to safety concerns.  Under normal circumstances, children should not be allowed to play with electric underblankets. 

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Is the heating area also bigger in the larger size electric underblanket?
Although the blanket size is larger, but, the heating element can not be placed under one's head or covered by a pillow to prevent overheating. Therefore, the heating area remains the same as other Wellcare single-sized underblanket, 80 x 150 cm.

Usually the size for single underblanket is 80 x 150cm, why would I need a larger size?
Many people wonder why the conventional single electric underblanket (80 x 150cm) is small than the single-size mattress. Some people who have the uneasy feeling that the blanket does not cover the bed similar to wearing a size too small of garment, may feel uncomfortable. Since Wellcare takes customers' voices seriously, we offer an underblanket with the size (90 x 200cm) that fits your mattress. We hope that everyone can enjoy a good night sleep.

What are the benefits of an underblanket with 3 densities of 4D DWF circular hole?
4D DWF holes with different densities have formed different sizes of matrices that help users to place the underblanket on their mattress in the right position : 

Head area - lowest density (no heating)
Body area - mid density
Feet area - highest density

Which side of my electric underblanket is the upper side?
For most of Wellcare's electric underblankets, there are 2 fabrics used for upper and bottom sides.  Depending on your preference, you can choose which side to use close to your body.  However, we highly suggest to put the eco-fleece side downward if your mattress has a slipery surface.

Please pay attention to the underblanket with additional foot warmer function, the part with higher density circular holes should always be placed by your foot.

Before you use the underblanket every time, check if the blanket is completely flat without being folded or creased.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Why are the LEDs on the controller in different colors?
This electric underblanket is equipped with Active Protection System (APS), a patented technology owned by Wellcare.  APS works through a 3-color LED and beep sound as indicators for different safety stages.

Green light - Operating normally
Orange light - Heating up
Red light - Possible inproper operation, malfunction or overheating.  Please stop using the underblanket immediately and refer to the instruction manual

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Electric Foot Warmer
What is the difference between Wellcare's foot warmer and conventional ones?
Differentiating from the traditional design only provides warmth to your soles and insteps, Wellcare's 4D DWF technology is embedded in the foot warmer utilizing 360° circular holes. This application extends and allows heat to distribute in all directions with dynamic warmth and breathability.

Do I have to use the foot warmer only on a carpet?
With the unique insulation design which helps to retain warmth, the foot warmer contains heat well regardless you are on a carpet or cold floor.

What is the size range for this foot warmer?
Wellcare's foot warmer is with a universal design and the biggest applicable size is EU size 42 (approx. foot length 26.7 cm).

biggest foot size to use wellcare electric foot warmer   
Can I wash this electric foot warmer?
The foot warmer can be hand washed at 30°C; and small dirty spots can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or a soft brush. Please note that the connection box, controller, and the power cord must not come into contact with water or any liquids.

Can I wash the removable fleece lining?
The removable fleece lining is machine washable with the machine set  to a gentle washing cycle at 30°C.  The fleece lining may be washed together with other garments when placed in a laundry bag for better protection of the fabric.  

After washing, reshape the fleece lining to its original dimensions and lay it flat to dry instead of dryer.

Do I need to pre-heat the foot warmer? How long does it take until I feel the warmth?
You will feel warmth within 7-10 minutes after it is switched on. In order to warm up the foot warmer faster, it is recommended to initially set the foot warmer at the highest temperature setting. However, the needed warm-up time differs in different environments.

Sometimes I feel cold above my ankles, can Wellcare foot warmer help?
You can adjust the inner fleece lining by snapping the buttons for a bigger coverage of your feet.

Heating pad and cushion
There are 2 kinds of fabrics on 2 sides of the cover, do they have different functions?
A special design of the cover by Wellcare which is made with cosy-fleece on one side for heat retainment and the other side is made with mesh for heat radiation.  You can choose the side based on your desired level of warmth.  Also, you can use the heating pad without the cover.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Can I use the heating pad in bed?
Heating pads may not be used in bed due to the risk of overheating.  For example, with accidental wrinkling or folding may cause overheating or wire breakage.  The best solution to warm your bed is to use an electric underblanket.

tips to use wellcare electric heating pad and cushion   
There are 2 different fabrics used in the cell-shaped heating pad, what are their functions, and which side should I use?
The cell-shaped heating pad creates warmth flow instantly with 4D DWF holes through cosy fleece while the fluffy baby fleece sides provides more comfort and relaxation.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF     
Can I use the heating pad without its cover?
Yes, the heating pad can be used with or without the cover. When you want to really feel the warmth flow, you may use the pad without the cover. Place the pad on your thighs or abdomen with resting your hands on it and enjoy a quiet moment, you will feel strands of warmth flow entering your hands and through your body.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF     
Can I use the heating cushion as the pillow for sleep?
No, a heating cushion cannot be used as a sleeping pillow.  The size of the heating cushion is too small, and it is not recommended to rest your head on any flexible heating products when they are switched on. One of the best ways is to put it on the sofa as a support for your lower back or legs.

However, when the cushion is not connected, you can use it as a throw pillow in bed or just a decoration in the living room!

electric heating cushion cannot be used for sleep   
Why can't I feel the warmth flow?
After the heating pad is switched on, lay your hands on the side with 4D DWF circular openings or put the same side closer to your face; close your eyes and enjoy the silence and the tranquility, you may feel the warmth flows on the same rhythm with your breath.

Just like you don't feel your every breath, you probably are not able to feel the strands of warmth that flow slowly. Once the pad is turned on, the soothing warmth flows in and out of every circular opening offering you comfort and keeping you warm.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF     
What are the benefits of the cell-shaped heating pad?
Adopting the cell shape concept, with feeling the meticulously chosen fleeces, people's senses are awakened. Feeling the warmth flow with every breathing exercise, we intend to remind people to slow down and relax. When you sense the warmth flow, enjoy the serenity and tranquility it brings.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF     
What are the differences between the cell-shaped heating pad and the conventional ones?
The shape of the cell demonstrates the concept of a building block of life. Also, different kinds of fabric are specially chosen to be used in the cell-shaped heating pad as a perfect combination of materials, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and appreciation of nature. You will find great pleasure instantly as soon as you see or touch it.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF     
Why does the LED light on the controller toggles between green and orange while I am using my heating pad?
Due to temperature variation in different environments, APS LED lights on the controller may change between green and orange colors within seconds to indicate continuous heating when the product is in use. Under this circumstance, please note the product is functioning properly and normally.

tips for Wellcare controller APS LED light   
Is there any additional cover I should use with this cell-shaped heating pad?
No, the cell-shaped heating pad requires no additional cover.

Thanks to the combination of fluffy baby fleece and cozy fleece, not only does the cell-shaped heating pad retain enough warmth but also delivers soothing warmth rapidly through 4D DWF openings and takes you on a self-healing journey.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF     
Naturcare Sound Relaxation
Why do we need a Naturcare Sound Relaxation?
There are annoying noises in the environment that are unpleasant, distracting, and uncomfortable. They lead to pressure, harm our moods, and impact our studies, work, life, and sleep quality. Sounds are subjective regarding our differences in perception, and people accept different kinds of sounds, frequencies, and volumes. Most people can be used to some sounds after listening to them for some time, but some cannot. Turning on the Naturcare Sound Relaxation to immerse yourself in the environment of natural sounds will help you mask or ignore those annoying sounds.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Who needs to use Naturcare Sound Relaxation?
The Naturcare Sound Relaxation is suitable for people:
  1. those Who feel noises stress them out. These people will feel unpleasant and stressed by the noises in their surroundings
  2. who has tinnitus
  3. who suffers from hyperacusis. Although it might be a solution for those who suffer from hyperacusis to use a Naturcare Sound Relaxation, please note that the product cannot mute annoying sounds
  4. who wants to improve their sleep quality
If you have the above symptoms, please consult with your doctors first. According to clinical research, many people had sufficient symptom improvement by combining perfessional assistance, such as B.T. (Behavioral Therapy) ﹅CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and the provision of Naturcare Relaxation.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
How does a Naturcare Sound Relaxation work for stress relief and relaxation?
Instead of pop or instrumental music, Wellcare Naturcare Sound Relaxation adopts 7 nature sounds to be played repeatedly: heartbeat, sea waves, brook, birdsong, woods, white noise, and rain. Each nature sound has a different frequency that distracts you from those annoying noises when playing in the background. You will feel relaxed, calm, and less stressed to improve your sleep quality.

The sound of a heartbeat comforts infants and unstable or overactive children and helps them calm down and sleep better.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
What are the product characteristics of Wellcare Naturcare Sound Relaxation?
  1. There are 7 nature sounds for selection
  2. Easy-to-adjust volume control knob
  3. With max. volume limit set to avoid hearing loss after using the product for a long time
  4. The spherical shape of the product brings people a safe feeling when holding it in both hands
  5. Easy operation: it can be operated by 4 x AA batteries or an AC adapter

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
What are the differences between Wellcare Naturcare Sound Relaxation and other conventional ones?
Introduced to the market more than 25 years ago, Wellcare Naturcare Sound Relaxation is widely accepted and used by more than one million people and keeps counting.

A big "thank you" to all ENT doctors, audiologists, psychologists, and cognitive behavioral therapists who choose or refer to our Naturcare Sound Relaxation.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Can I purchase Wellcare's Naturcare Sound Relaxation directly off the shelf?
If you are used to nature sounds and have heard the samples on our website, you can purchase and use the Naturcare Sound Relaxation directly off the shelf. Please be reminded that devices used to listen to the samples may vary; it is normal if you find the sounds you hear online are slightly different from what you hear from the product.

According to the result of the scientific research, it is necessary to consult with medical professionals before using nature sound relaxation products. Professional health knowledge brings you positive effects and helps you use the product correctly for the best result.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
I'm suffering from annoying sounds and a bad mood; which medical professional should I talk to about my problem? Will Naturcare Sound Relaxation help me?
From the scientific research and client's feedback, people were diagnosed, interviewed, evaluated, and then referred to Wellcare Naturcare Sound Relaxation by audiologists, behavioral therapists, psychologists, TRT therapists, ENT doctors, or general practitioners with positive outcomes. Please note that the annoying sounds still exist, but our users have improved their sleep and reduced their stress by learning to ignore those noises instead with medical professionals' advice to use the Naturcare Sound Relaxation.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
How loud should I have my Naturcare Sound Relaxation on?
For the most comfort, we suggest to have the volume at the min. hearable.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
What kind of adaptor should I use with my Naturcare Sound Relaxation?
We suggest that you use the adaptor provided by Wellcare. If you don't have one, please use qualified AC Adapter for 6V 200mA.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Mobile heating products
Can the product be overheated? Would safety be a concern?
All Wellcare mobile heating products are equipped with temperature control which is automatically set at the lowest setting when overheating is detected.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
What are the benefits of using various materials for the different layers in the detachable heating pad?
The layers in the detachable heating pad can retain heat, maintain high temperature, and distribute heat evenly and steadily.  To ensure a snug fit, it is also designed to include a layer of memory foam.

Different products that use detachable heating pads have different layers based on their functionalities and features.  Thus, different products may or may not have the same layers.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Can I wash the detachable heating pad?
All Wellcare mobile heating products are machine washable including the detachable heating pad.  Before washing the heating pad, please always disconnect the battery pack and place it in a dry place.  By following few simple steps, the detachable heating pad can be cleaned with ease:
  1. Put the heating pad into a laundry bag
  2. Set the washing machine to delicate cycle at 30°C
  3. After wash, lay the product and the heating pad on a moisture-absorbent towel or mat to dry.  The product can only be used when it is completely dry
  4. The detachable heating pad is suggested to be washed in a washing machine a maximum of 15 times throughout its life

Please always refer to the instruction manual for more details.

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
What is the highest temperature MHB10 can reach and the wattage it uses?
The power of MHB10 is 4W and it can reach 70 - 75°C at its highest temperature setting.
Can the temperature be maintained steadily?
Wellcare's heating products are all equipped with constant temperature design to keep the temperature at a stable level.
Why are there 2 kinds of fabrics in MHS10, mobile seat cushion?
Wellcare has specially chosen 2 fabrics for this mobile seat cushion - MHS10 :
  1. Cosy fleece for home use which works the same as heating pad
  2. Waterproof material on the other side for outdoor use.  For example, it can avoid your hips area from getting wet by the water drops when sitting on the grassfield.  When using MHS10 outdoor, it is highly recommended to put the battery pack into the battery pocket and fold the pocket inside the cushion for better protection.  

Why can't I feel the dynamic warmth flow?
As invisible as air, the 4D DWF's dynamic warmth flow indeed surrounds our bodies.

Depending on the environment, everyone's awareness of the warmth flow may differ.  According to the test results, products equipped with 4D DWF outperform other similar products on the market in terms of breathability, heat transmission area, the speed to reach a certain temperature, and the ability to maintain desired temperature.

One of Wellcare's product development principles is "attention to every detail."  The innovative 4D DWF technology solves the issue of stuffiness when an electric underblanket is used.  Even though it is invisible, rest assured that its warmth flows wraps around you as natural as air.

The battery pack was accidentally dropped, can it still be used?
It is suggested that not to continue to use the battery packs when it is dropped.  Please also check the condition of the battery packs on a regular basis.  If it starts to swell, leak liquid, or smoke, please stop using it immediately.
Does the MHT10 heat up on both sides?
Yes, both sides of MHT10 provide warmth but they have different functions :
  • The cosy fleece side is for heat accumulation and
  • The microfleece side is for heat transmission
Please use the microfleece side against your body to obtain more warmth.
How many times can I wash my mobile heating belt/mobile heating seat cushion/mobile heating cushion?
In order to prolong the product's life and retain its aesthetics, it is highly suggested to separate the detachable heating pad and other fabric parts when washing.

Please refer to "Can I wash the detachable heating pad?" for wash instructions.  Rest of the fabric parts may be wash with other garments under regular wash cycles.
How long does it take to fully charge the battery pack? How long is the usage? Is it necessary to charge the battery pack every time it is used?
Please charge the battery pack for minimum of 5 hours before the initial use.  A fully charged battery pack can be used for up to 300 minutes at the highest temperature setting.

Please note that the battery pack will degrade naturally over time or be worn out according to every individual's usage.
Can other chargers be used to charge the battery pack?
Please always use the charger provided in the Wellcare heating product package you purchased.
How can MHB10 3-in-1 mobile heating belt be fitted tightly to the contour of your body?
Not only Wellcare utilizes the 3D tailoring techniques, but also has added a layer of memory foam in the detachable heating pad which can adjust the softness by sensing your body temperature. It is closely fitted for the waist area and better transmits heat.  In addition, the elastic belt provides even better fit, support and retains more warmth.  

comfortable warmth flow 4D DWF
Can other battery packs be used to connect to the detachable heating pad?
Please always use the battery pack provided in the Wellcare mobile heating product package you purchased.