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Naturcare Sound Relaxation


The gurgling water in the creek, the crashing waves by the beach, the birds chirping in the park, the crickets in the backyard, the water drop sound in the rain, the tube TV sound, and the sound of mother's heartbeat, they calm chaotic mood and impatient thoughts. This is a beautiful and peaceful experience that many people have had.

Bring nature back to your home and extend the pleasant experience.

Wellcare's Naturcare Sound Relaxation adopts nature sounds recorded by a digital recorder. It mimics 7 natural sounds - heartbeat, sea waves, brook, birdsong, woods, white noise, and rain. When Naturcare Sound Relaxation is turned on, your memories of being healed by nature and the pleasant experience are evoked. Although those annoying noises remain when immersed in a natural sound environment, you will ignore them. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, you feel more relaxed, calm, and healed, and your sleep quality is improved.

The sound of a heartbeat comforts infants and unstable or overactive children and helps them calm down and sleep better.