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Soothing Heating Pad


All revolutionary creation comes from a simple belief: care around you. Love and care form a cycle that is filled with positive energy. Only with warmth and happiness can love flow and flourish.

With the innovative 4D DWF technology, this heating pad delivers dynamic warmth that surrounds you, helping you relax, relieve muscle tension, and achieve ultimate relaxation.

The infusion of patchwork into our select heating pad models elevates them to the realm of artistry. This time-honored needlework technique delicately sews together tiny fabric pieces in various designs, colors, and textures, resulting in mesmerizing geometric tapestries. This design transcends temporal boundaries, effortlessly bridging the gap between the past and present, tradition and modernity, heritage and innovation. Each meticulous stitch showcases the craftsmanship and cradles you in a cocoon of reassuring warmth.

The eternal and profound significance of patchwork, meticulously woven into every needle and thread, envelops you in its comforting embrace. A genuine smile spontaneously emerges as you lay eyes on it, reach out, and touch it. Indeed, you'll find that gifting happiness to yourself is a far simpler endeavor than one might imagine.


Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad


Our neck connects the head to the torso and is a complex structure that contains many bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels. Neck and shoulder pain is a common musculoskeletal disorder that can be difficult to diagnose and treat effectively. A significant proportion of the global population experiences neck and/or shoulder pain daily, yearly, or throughout their lifetime.

Neck and shoulder pain is often caused by muscle tension. Applying heat can help ease the tension.

Similar to a warm embrace from a good friend, the Wellcare BBC Design neck and shoulder heating pad envelops you with strands of 4D DWF warmth flow, helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with neck and shoulder tension. When your neck and shoulder are warm, you feel more relaxed.

The collar is extra-tall and foldable with a braid design and stripes. It provides warmth to the neck and back of the head while also being stylish.

The heating pad has a weighted edge that distributes weight evenly, keeping it in place for better relaxation. It also fits the body contour better, improving your comfort.



Cell Heating Pad


A cell is the basic functional building block for every living creature. When the cell is infused with energy, regardless of humans or plants, life thrives. Drawing the idea from breathing, the Wellcare Cell heating pad mimics the shape of the cell to demonstrate the concept of the cell building block. It symbolizes that everyone needs to slow down, takes deep breaths, and take care of themselves.

By turning the heating pad on, you are immersed in dynamic warmth flow. Not only does your body harmonize with the flow, but feels relaxed because your cells are well rested and recharged. It brings a sense of joy and fulfillment being with yourself.



Soothing Heating Pad


With more than 260 strands of warmth flow, you are wrapped in the gentlest and most comfortable warmth possible. It can be used not only on your lower back, but on lower abdomen and other parts where the warmth is needed. This multi-functioned heating pad provides the ultimate comfort and relaxation you desire. You can feel tiredness leaving your body instantly.


WE-167SPHD with patchwork cover WE-167SPHD WE-167SPLHD