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Electric Foot Warmer


Our feet to our body are what roots are to the trees. Thus, the old saying, "Foot is your second heart!" When the roots are healthy, the trees grow vibrantly. Our feet are the furthest away from our heart and they may struggle from poor blood circulation.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, there are 6 main meridians in the feet connecting to the body with 3 Yin meridians’ starting points and 3 Yang meridians’ end points. When your feet are warm, the warmth circulates to your entire body to loosen your tense muscles and keep you healthy.

Always be mindful of self care no matter how busy you are.

Ergonomically designed, the foot warmer can be used with ease. The combination of 4D DWF technology and the sewing technique connects pieces of fabrics to generate the dynamic warmth flow to wrap around your every toe and both of your entire foot in all directions.

With a multi-layer design, the foot warmer contains heat well to keep you warm regardless you are on a carpet or cold floor.

When your feet are warm, the warmth circulates to your entire body to warm your body up. No more cold feet! Wellcare electric foot warmer helps you to step forward with pleasure and confidence.