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Wellcare at the 2018 MEDICA Trade Fair!

Wellcare has participated in MEDICA Trade Fair since 2004 and it has always been our pleasure to be here again to greet old friends and meet new friends. We had held an activity to interact with visitors – “Share your sleep ceremony” so they can share with us what are their routines before going to bed, and they would also get some nice gifts, and most of all, pay more attention to their sleep and how to sleep better!


In this event, we invited participants to share with us their personal routines and habits before going to bed by choosing from “Turn off the light”, “Put away the electronics”, “Warm your bed”, “Wear socks” … Some friends mentioned that the darkness in their bedrooms is essential to sleep; some like to drink warm tea or milk before bedtime and one friend shared that the comfy pajamas always help her to sleep better! We really appreciate all participants’sharing!


If you missed us in 2018 MEDICA Fair - don't worry!  Check out the video for some "Wellcare's moments in MEDICA2018"  on our YouTube channel!