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Wellcare at the 2022 MEDICA Trade Fair!

Many people feel themselves less healthy than 3 years ago because of the pandemic, the stress and insecurity from work, inflation, extreme weather, and many other reasons. The good news is more people are aware of the importance of staying healthy for themselves and for their families. This year, Wellcare selected "Non-medicated self-care methods to help people have a better and healthy life!" as the theme.

Since 2004, Wellcare has participated in Medica, an international medical and industrial exposition in Düsseldorf, Germany. As previous years, the Wellcare booth prepared an engaging, interactive game of “How is your Sleep Quality?” from which guests can learn more about their sleep and get in touch with innovative solutions to elevate their sleep quality.
Meanwhile, Wellcare has launched a unique project for the Taiwan Reality Home scenario exhibition area to display products and share knowledge. We sincerely appreciated every visitors and participants who exchanged their personal experience and the latest health information with us and shared the unbounded true happiness energy.